Run Minneapolis: Waite Park & Columbia Park

37th Ave NE at Stinson

Starting from the NE corner of NE Minneapolis, I did a run through the Waite Park and Columbia Park neighborhoods.

Korean First Baptist Church

Heading West along 37th, bordering Columbia Heights, I the Korean First Baptist Church.

University Ave and Minneapolis Skyline from 37th Ave NE

At University Ave NE, I stopped to check out the view of the Minneapolis skyline.

Hi-View Park

Hi-View Park, at Main St & 35th Ave NE, isn’t on the highest point in the neighborhood, but it’s close.

Train Yard and Minneapolis Skyline from St. Anthony Parkway

After some zigging and zagging through residential streets near Hi-View Park, I headed South on Main St to St. Anthony Parkway, where I sound this view of the massive train yard with the skyline in distance.

Columbia Golf Course Driving Range

Heading East on St. Anthony Parkway, I passed Columbia Golf Course’s driving range, which had the lights on but no takers.

Dog Park Along St. Anthony Parkway

However, the dog park across the street had plenty of action.

Climbing St Anthony Parkway

Minneapolis’ Grand Rounds Scenic Byway of interconnected parkways has some of its hilliest terrain in Northeast, including this section to the West of Central Ave NE along Deming Heights Park.

Bicycle Paths Info on St. Anthony Parkway

Bikers get a shout-out on this interpretive sign at this intersection. Click the image for a larger version if you’re interested in actually reading it.

Mt Carmel Lutheran Church

A few blocks later, I passed Mt Carmel Lutheran Church where people knit on Wednesday nights.

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