Year over Year Minneapolis Sector 2 Crime Stats

The MPD sent out this look at year over year crime statistics for the neighborhoods making up Sector 2. That’s basically the section of Minneapolis just Southwest of the corner of Lake & Hiawatha. On nearly all counts, things seem to have improved over the past year:

While this is cool information, the City of Minneapolis would be better served if the MPD provided access to the raw data so people could better understand our city. By this, I mean provide the data in something other than PDF or Excel files (Excel’s better than PDF, but not as good as the underlying geocoded and timestamped data). Someone will likely whip up a site based on that data – for free – that helps illustrate that data. That’s a good thing.

In fact, it should allow the MPD to communicate more effectively with less work. That’s one of those win-win situations we hear about from time to time.

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