Quick Comments on FOX 9 Tonight

Based on the underwhelming feedback that came in tonight, I get the impression that none of you watched FOX 9 tonight. Or, if you did, you blinked while I was on. Be patient with this clip if you can’t get enough of me.

FOX 9’s Maury Glover was a really nice guy. We talked about quite a few things regarding the Strib’s changes, but I probably went a little long on my soundbites to create something usable for TV.

Chris Ison’s point about the difference in cost between the Sat. & Sun. editions is worth noting. If someone buys the Sunday edition for the ads (something I do when I’m in a need for home-improvement inspiration kind of mood) they’ll now be able to get those ads from newsstands and newspaper boxes on Saturdays for $0.50 rather than waiting an additional day to pay more for the same content.

Like it or not, there is certainly a market for buying the paper specifically for the ads. Growing up, I was definitely a kid who reached for the Best Buy ad before the sports section. Of course, I now go to Amazon rather than the Star Tribune or BestBuy.com in search of information on the latest gadget I “need” to buy.

My next media appearance will be at 5:15pm on Oct 14th on AM950 – The Voice of Minnesota – to talk about the Google PowerMeter.

8 thoughts on “Quick Comments on FOX 9 Tonight”

  1. Interesting, since I get my Sunday paper delivered for $0.50. I got some promotional deal, so even though I don’t read it all I don’t feel bad for recycling $0.50.

  2. Sorry man…if you don’t hit The Daily Glean, you are invisible in this town. 😉

    Glad you reposted the story, I was in class and missed the news. Tell Maury to edit tighter next time since he obviously was asking you a followup that they cut off the audio on but left you hanging on his soundless words.

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