The Minnehaha Park Dairy Queen is Gone . . . For Now?

Leveled Dairy Queen at Minnehaha Parkway

The Dairy Queen at 4740 Minnehaha Avenue is definitely gone. As I understand it, they plan to rebuild a new larger location at the same spot. Stotko Speedling Contruction, who’s sign is posted on the site, previously built a DQ at 50th & Drew.

There was quite a bit of debate a couple years ago regarding whether the new DQ should include a drive-thru. I don’t believe that was approved while a Caribou at Minnehaha Parkway and Cedar Ave S did receive drive-thru approval.

SUVs at Caribou with Sprinklers Running in the Rain

I dodged some SUVs idling on Cedar Ave S waiting to pull into the driveway so they could block the sidewalk before idling their way through the drive thru. Caribou was also running their sprinklers in the rain to help maintain their strangely suburban landscape. I think The Ackerberg Group could have done a better job for the neighborhood than they did with this development.

2 thoughts on “The Minnehaha Park Dairy Queen is Gone . . . For Now?”

  1. It’s kind of too bad. Dairy Queen is mighty tasty, and I love me some chicken strip baskets – but their urban design is awful. I expect the new building will be a slice of suburbia in the middle of the city. And the depressing part is that they’ll probably do GREAT business because of it.

  2. according my my city hall sources, I believe a bicycle “drive-thru” was approved, but not one for cars. Not really sure what that means, but I can’t wait to try and eat a blizzard while tooling around the falls.

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