Hands Over Archives to Commenters

Our local mainstream media sites get some well-deserved crap over the cesspool they foster in their stories comments. But, did you know that actually passes the torch to their commenters?

For example, a story from 2 weeks ago called “More Twin Cities Community banks in red” generates the following error:

Story No Longer Available

It’s gone and you can’t even buy it from that page. If someone really really wanted to read this, they could go to the archive search and do their best to find it. If found, it can be purchased for $2.95.

However, one thing that isn’t buried is the story’s comments. While removes their own content from public view, they keep the comments live:

Unavailable Archive with Live Comments gets the conversation started, enables the trolls through poor moderation, then steps out of the conversation so late arrivals – expecting to see something of value – only see the trolls.

It’s like arriving late to a comedy show where the comedian has left the stage but the hecklers are still going strong and have turned on each other; all under’s masthead.

One thought on “ Hands Over Archives to Commenters”

  1. I wish newspaper comments would require people to use their full/real names – aka the Wall Street Journal.

    There’s simply no reason to have comments on factual/police blotter type stories. I read the Denver Post and 9News sites daily, and every story, no matter how banal, somehow denegrates into arguments about Mexicans, gays, cyclists vs drivers, christians, republicans vs democrats.

    There’s no incentive to limit or moderate comments, because the more heated a discussion is the more return visits people make to follow up on their discussion – no matter how vile or off topic it may be. Media sites take no part in moderation, and rely on readers to flag the most offensive posts.

    Ironically 9News recently promoted a story about why people get so riled up on the web – and my response response was simply “You’re an enabler”

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