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YellowPagesOptOut.com Is Nothing But a Domain Name

The Yellow Pages Industry continues to be more talk than action. Their latest “effort” to offer an opt-out solution is limited to the purchase of a domain name.


They bought the domain name: yellowpagesoptout.com

But wait, there’s more: They sent out a press release about the domain name.

If you visit yellowpagesoptout.com, you’ll find that the domain redirects to information that’s been on ypassociation.org since at least February.

The Yellow Pages industry makes it clear that they refuse to honor opt-out requests coming from 3rd party opt-out services. Rather than accomodating consumers’ requests, they force people to opt-out to every print yellow pages spam that shows up at their door:

Over the past year or so, a number of third-party Web sites not affiliated with Yellow Pages or telephone companies have begun offering to add consumers to do not deliver lists on their behalf. We suggest using caution when providing personal information to these Web sites. Consumers should work directly with publishers to stop delivery of print directories, and yellowpagesoptout.com is an easy starting point in that process.

Of course, we know that this “site” is pretty much worthless since individual yellow pages companies appear to be doing a horrendous job of actually honoring their own do not distribute lists.

If the Yellow Pages industry really believed in consumer choice, they’d let consumers choose whether they wanted to receive a book rather than whether they didn’t want to receive one. Opt-in for the win.

It’s hard to take the Yellow Pages industry’s opt-out efforts seriously when they spend more on press releases than solutions. Keep in mind that this “initiative” comes from Yellow Pages Association Public Policy Director, Amy Healy, who has stated that the Yellow Pages Association plans to fight any attempts to legislate opt-out policies. Clearly, there would be no need for legislation if the YP industry focused more on self-regulation than press release generation.

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