A Trend of “A Small but Growing Trend” Trends

One small but growing trend worth paying attention to is the growth of small but growing trends. The small but growing trend here is the growing popularity of the phrase “small but growing trend.” Here is a chart of the term’s popularity over time:

Small but Growning Trend Trend

Perhaps print yellow pages spam frustration is a small but growing trend? There may be a “small but growing number” of people growing sick of dealing with unsolicited phone books.

All I know is that people love to write about things that are small . . . but growing.

3 thoughts on “A Trend of “A Small but Growing Trend” Trends”

  1. Add this to the small but growing list of articles about small but growing articles about small but growing phenomena.

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

  2. This reminds me of another increasing phenomenon related to trends. The overuse of the word “increasingly”. More to the point, it seems that we are “increasingly worried”. To me, increasingly denotes exponential growth and of course if trends just keep getting more and more trendier faster and faster, how come we’re not all wearing Crocs by now?… to work even!?

  3. “small but growing trend” itself sounds like it’s denoting an exponential growth. Constant growth can be described as a trend. Exponential growth can be described as a growing trend. Something can still be trending upwards at a constant trend or a growing trend, right?

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