TP Presentation at Give & Take

Last night’s Give & Take event at Intermedia Arts was a grand old time. I learned quite a few things, such as:

– Chickens have been bred to be bald
MNKino sounds like a fun film making event
– Knowledge means many things to different people
– Minneapolis’ downtown has transformed from green spaces to Hooters
– Telling the story of a product’s origination and environmental costs is an excellent challenge.
– Michelle Obama and Michele Bachmann are not the same person

And I had a chance to share a bit about what I’ve learned about toilet paper folding over the years. While running through slides of various folding styles, I simultaneously ran a 8-person single-elimination TP folding tournament with the help of Carly and Kyle. Contestants has 15 seconds to come up with their most creative fold. The battle station was a used end-table I picked up at Savers and mounted two TP dispensers to.

Aaron advanced through the first round over Elena here (clicking the pics will take you to larger versions):

Toilet-paper folding competition at Give & Take featuring @ed... on Twitpic
Photo by Ben Shardlow

Contestants mixed up their styles over time. Some got a little too aggressive with what they could achieve in 15 seconds and flamed out. In the end, it came down to Aaron vs. Katie:

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Photo by Ang Dezelske

With Katie took first place by splitting her TP down the middle then folding from the center to both edges. It takes fast hands to get that done in 15 seconds.

Here are the slides from my presentation:

Good times.

2 thoughts on “TP Presentation at Give & Take”

  1. Do you still have the TP “battle bench”? I think we should schedule a rematch tournament to see if Katie can defend her title.

  2. I think you should increase the level of the challenge by having the contestants sit on actual toilets with the rolls to their side.

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