Expensive Lifting

Expensive Lifting, originally uploaded by edkohler.

The sign states, "Lofting an item from the shelf will automatically charge to your account."

Fancy, eh?

Lifting charges include:

$7 for gummi bears (beer starts at $6)
$9 for jelly bellies
$11 for hot and spicy cajun mix

3 thoughts on “Expensive Lifting”

  1. You’ve got a great typo here (which at first I thought was a typo on the sign…) Either way, I love the idea of not only lifting, but lofting the item. That might even get the police involved.

  2. I ran into this a couple times when traveling recently. In my Paris and Frankfurt hotels the minibars were both weight sensitive. Being mildly OCD I couldn’t help but straighten them up. On checkout they wanted to charge me for every item I touched.

    They were cool though, let me off with a warning.

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