Run Minneapolis: Diamond Lake

S 14th Ave at E 61st St

Carly and I did a tour of the Diamond Lake Neighborhood on Saturday morning.

We broke West from 14th Ave S on 61th St E until we ran into this fresh new and exciting 35W sound wall:

Carly along 35W Sound Wall

After that, we looped through a few side streets then followed the sound wall along 2nd Ave S North past a home that owns two rad vans:

Two Vans!

We took at right at Diamond Lake Rd which took us past Diamond Lake:

Diamond Lake

After Diamond Lake, we passed Urban Refuge Church on 55th St E:

Urban Refuge Church

Talking while running wasn’t easy. Not because we were running too fast to talk but because of planes flying overhead on takeoff from MSP:

Plane Flying over Diamond Lake Neighborhood

We found a few hills near Our Lady of Peace Catholic School that reminded Carly that she ran a marathon less than a week ago.

Our Lady of Peace Catholic School

We reached Nokomis and headed back on 56th St E to Portland Ave S where we passed the baseball diamonds at Todd Park:

Todd Park

It turns out that Carly doesn’t slow down while I snap photos:

Todd Park along Portland Ave S

Here she is putting distance on me as we turn off Chicago Ave S onto 57th St E next to Mount Zion Lutheran Church:

Mount Zion Lutheran Church

At 12th Ave S we turned back to the car and saw this protest sign regarding an issue I’m unfamiliar with. Anyone know the story here?

No Busses on 12th Ave S

Carly took the car home but I had a few more miles to run. I headed up 11th Ave S past these Tudors:

Diamond Lake Neighborhood Homes

Then Church of Our Lady of Peace:

Church of Our Lady of Peace

Before reaching the Minnehaha Creek, which is running pretty slow this time of year. Back in the day, I played baseball with friends on the field in front of that backstop. The occasional foul ball ended up in the creek leading to a journey down the creek for blocks until the ball drifted close enough to the shore to retrieve.

Minnehaha Creek at 12th Ave S

After the creek, I continued up 11th until I hit St Mary’s Cemetery:

St Mary's Cemetery

That shifted me over to 14th, which I took North past Bancroft Elementary at 38th St E:

Bancroft Elementary School?

Then Galilee Missionary Baptist Church at 37th St E:

Galilee Missionary Baptist Church

Followed by a stop in Powderhorn Park to take in the view of the park and the Minneapolis skyline. This is one of Minneapolis’ most scenic spots. Truly, Minneapolis’ Central Park.

Powderhorn Park

There happened to be a Gangster Disciples gang tag on the picnic table in PoHo Park:

Gangster Disciples Tag on Picnic Table

Leaving the park, I broke East on 35th and passed the May Day Cafe at Bloomington Ave S:

May Day Cafe

Then the Hope Temple Foursquare Church:

Hope Temple Foursquare Church

Then faced my biggest challenge of the run by not stopping in for a Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar:

Ed Across from Matt's Bar

Chatterbox Pub also looked delicious. Their savory Chatterburger would have hit the spot:

Chatterbox Pub

After crossing Hiawatha, I passed Longfellow Park:

Longfellow Park, Minneapolis, MN

Then spotted some Shoefiti near the park:

Shoefiti in Longfellow, Minneapolis

And called it a run. My longest of Run Minneapolis to date.

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  1. Regarding your photo on 12th – There is a bus route on 12th, it looks like these homeowners do not appreciate it and would like it to go down some other street. I wonder how they feel about having their street plowed first?

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