Run Minneapolis: Drew & Chowen Ave South

Cool House on Drew Ave S

Matt and I met at the Whole Foods near Lake Calhoun for a run through Linden Hills and Fulton down Drew Ave S and back on Chowen Ave S (yes, they’re alphabetical). The shot above was from Drew Ave S which has a combination of older homes from approximately the 1930’s intermixed with some tear-down rebuilds of homes that may or may not fit the surrounding neighborhood.

At 43rd St W we passed the True Apostolic Assembly:

True Apostolic Assembly

A few blocks later, we passed this example of street shaping (that’s what I call it, but there’s probably a technical term for it) where an intersection is blocked generally in order to slow down traffic and cut down on pass-through traffic from commuters or people who don’t belong:

Street Shaping

This seems like something that certain areas of Hawthorne and Powderhorn could benefit from as well.

At 50th, we passed an SUV friendly Dairy Queen where you can keep the fossil fuels burning while you buy large Blizzards for the whole family:

Dairy Queen at 50th & Drew

The next block included this example of a newer home that stands out from the surrounding properties. It’s a nice looking house, but around twice as large as surrounding homes:


54th Street is the border street in this part of town:

Chowen Ave S at W 54th St

Crossing 50th on Chowen passed the delicious Wuollet Bakery:

Wuollet Bakery

And the future site of The Bancroft Condominiums:

The Bancroft Condominiums

Lake Harriet United Methodist Church was quiet on this Saturday morning:

Lake Harriet United Methodist Church

Pershing Park seemed like a fun place to hang out. That’s Southwest High School’s stadium in the background:

Pershing Park

The Home of the Lakers, Southwest High School:

Southwest High School

Followed by Lower Lake Harriet School:

Lower Lake Harriet School

Back near Lake Calhoun, we passed Abe Lincoln:

Abe Lincoln Chainsaw Art

Abe was just South of Minikahda Club:

Minikahda Club

Which was setting up for the world’s easiest Easter egg hunt with eggs spread out on the putting greens:

Minikahda Club

Here’s a view of Lake Calhoun from near the putting green:

View of Lake Calhoun from Minikahda Club

2 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Drew & Chowen Ave South”

  1. abe lincoln? my 1st thought was conan o’brien, but maybe
    that’s cuzza the reddish color of the “hair”, and because it’d
    be hilarious for somebody to have a chainsaw carving of
    conan o’brien in their yard.

  2. Don’t start talking about traffic diversion in Powderhorn. I don’t want that anywhere near my neighborhood. We’ll do just fine with our grid, thank you. Traffic calming is a good thing, but traffic calming via outright diversion, street closings, or turning movement prohibition is like weight loss through anorexia. It’s effective at meeting one measurable goal, sure, but it causes a host of other problems, and the benefits are debatable.

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