StarTribune Pimping Their Facebook: Is it News?

A Deets reader sent in this screengrab from the StarTribune homepage where the Strib is mixing pimping their Facebook page in with their headlines:

StarTribune Pimping Facebook

What’s up with that?

Having a Facebook page is all good. Letting people know about it is fine too. But should the StarTribune be doing that inline with stories of the daily dead?

When searching for the StarTribune within Facebook, I found a different StarTribune group set up to save the Strib:

Citizens for Saving the StarTribune

Here’s the plan:

1) Become a subscriber of the print edition of your local paper
2) Patronize companies that advertise in your local paper
3) Tell companies that advertise in that paper that you came to them BECAUSE they support this important source of local news.

1. Don’t buy print because you want print but because you want to deal with a physical archive of yesterday’s news.

2. Patronize the companies you now interact with directly through their own websites, twitter, RSS feeds, email lists, etc.

3. Tell companies to spend money on newspaper advertising rather than on lowering their costs, paying their employees more, or providing higher quality goods and services for the same cost.

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