Run Minneapolis: Stinson & McKinley NE

Stinson Blvd & NE 18th Ave

The Other Mike and I hit NE Minneapolis to the North of the Quarry for a run on the 21st. We started from the strip mall behind the Target at 18th Ave & Stinson Blvd NE and headed North from there. This was Mike’s first run with me since he saved me at 26th & Bryant after I screwed up my ankle so I think Mike was a little nervous about a repeat ankle roll.

It looks like a truck from Target, Rainbow, or Home Depot took the corner a little too tight at some point based on the shape of that sign.

Stinson Blvd Facing South

Stinson Parkway is a great stretch of Minneapolis with a divided street bordering St. Anthony to the East along most of its length.

This 2-door convertible Mini Minor slowed us down for a sec along Stinson Blvd:


We hit the NE corner of Minneapolis at Stinson Blvd & 37th Ave NE. To the East is St Anthony and Ramsey County. To the North is Columbia Heights and Anoka County. Calling 911 from a few feet in any direction would likely bring a different crew:

Stinson Blvd & 37th Ave NE

We lapped around on 37th to head back South on McKinley St NE. At that point, we found ourselves surrounded by split-levels. This area of town feels young compared to Longfellow.

McKinley St Split-Levels

Further South, the housing stock switched to this pattern (I don’t know the name for this style of house):

McKinley St NE Homes

At 30th Ave NE, we passed the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (lots of Lutheran Churches in this town):

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN

Then we crossed St. Anthony Parkway, which has some really impressive homes:

St Anthony Parkway Home

Back in high school, I was out biking with a friend along St. Anthony Parkway. He happened to be wearing a v-neck t-shirt while biking and suddenly freaked out right near this spot. Apparently, a bee flew down his shirt and wasn’t pleased with the situation it found itself in so took it out on Charlie.

A few blocks later, we reached the end of McKinley where we had a view of the warehouses along 35W:

View from South End of McKinley St NE

Overall, a beautiful day for a run.

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