Cruise Ship TP Folding + Bonus Towel Folding!

Adam Voreis just got back from a Panamanian cruise where he never left his room. Or, at least that’s the impression one might have after viewing his well-documented coverage of TP and towel folding on his trip. Adam breaks it down for all o’ y’all below:

As a faithful Deets reader I was eager to take photos of the crazy stuff I knew the cruise was going to do with towel folding. I went on a cruise in 2001 and every night we had some kind of happy little towel animal in our cabins. The very first thing I did once we got into our room was check out the TP situation. The photo will show a standard point fold over with a metal TP cover thingy. Every single TP dispenser on the ship had one of these, and every time I walked into a rest room that had just been cleaned the TP looked like this. Without the metal cover thing the fold wouldn’t stay because the TP was really thin (I think it made it easier to flush through their system) but I actually didn’t mind and by the end of the cruise I started to like the metal thing because it made it easier to rip off at the square.

Cruise Ship TP Folding

The stateroom also had what I like to call, “Lady Bags” in them as well. I thought the growing flowers were pretty funny.

Lady Bags

One major thing that pissed me off was on this cruise they didn’t start making my little towel friends until the third night. It was a happy welcome for me because I really wanted to take pictures of them. Why they waited until our first port of call is beyond me and while my state room attendant, Lionel, from Columbia was very nice I didn’t really think it’d be a good idea to piss off the guy that makes them so I kept quiet.

He’s a few of our little friends from the week:

Swan Towel:
The first of the towel animals

Cruise Swan

Dog Towel:
For this little guy Lionel used my sisters sun glasses to make him look a little cooler. He’s probably the coolest towel dog ever…

Cruise Dog

Cruise Dog 2

Lobster Towel:
It took me a few minutes to figure out what it was.

Cruise Lobster

Elephant Towel:
I thought it looked like an ant eater at first because that day we were in Costa Rica in the rain forest and we saw one. My sister convinced me it was elephant. I’m still not sure.

Cruise Elephant Two

Cruise Elephant

Monkey Towel:
This guy was impressive. He hung his arms from the pants clips on the closet hangers.

Cruise Monkey

Monkey Sting Ray:
This was the last nights. The day before I got to feed real Sting Rays. The towel ones aren’t as cool.

Cruise Ray

Well that’s the end of my photos. Cruise ships are great if you’re a fan of TP and towel folding art. They’re also great for other things too, but that was really a nice perk.

I dig it. The elephant kind of confuses me considering they’re from a different continent, but I suppose if you know how to make an elephant out of a towel it’s tough not to. The sunglasses are an excellent accessory for that dog.

I’ve tried pitching Carly on going on a cruise for years. Perhaps this will get her over the top?

4 thoughts on “Cruise Ship TP Folding + Bonus Towel Folding!”

  1. Nice towel and TP coverage, Adam!

    Ed – I have a feeling that TP folding and animal towels will do little to convince Carly to go on a cruise. Now…if said cruise was serving up fresh, locally sourced fare onboard…that might be a different story.

  2. Katie,

    The food on the ship was fantastic, but they couldn’t serve us local stuff because they aren’t a port exporter and they can’t guarantee that it would all be safe.

    So when we were off the boat we did our best to eat the local food. There were a lot of fruit vendors on the streets in Columbia but the guide told us to never eat something that had already been cut.

    The pineapple and plantains in Costa Rica were amazing. For some reason the best Empanadas were in Grand Cayman. Also Cayman had all of the awesome Tortuga rum and rum cakes.


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