’s Disastrous Reviews Continue

File this under, “you simply can’t make this stuff up.”

CityPages and are now sending out emails that tell users “What’s Hot” around town. As I’ve explained before, the results provided by are highly biased since they’re generated by the ad sales department at CityPages. However, they’re even more biased than I previously suspected. Take a look at what business is the hottest business in town: What's Hot

Yes, that’s correct, it’s CityPages! And there is CityPages’ MaggieC telling us how great the company that pays her is.

And take a look at the second review. Yes, that’s the plagiarized review of J.D. Hoyt’s that I pointed out a full month ago. It’s still on the site.

One thought on “’s Disastrous Reviews Continue”

  1. LIKEME.NET SUCKS>.. LOL the worst site ever made. Ratings suck, nothing matches. 10 years late to the party. GOTO for a real review site…

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