Help Bar Abilene Build a Better Jucy Lucy

The General Manager of Bar Abilene in Uptown is listening to concerns about their Southwestern Lucy and wants to do something about it.

Over on Jucy Lucy Restaurants, John has put out a request for input on how to create the best Lucy in the market.

Wow! I am so thrilled to see all of the comments! Now, what I’m about to say is going to surprise you given the fact that I’m the GM. I took over in July and (unfortunately) my general exposure to the Juicy Lucy is limited–I didn’t know what the “rules” were. Even after 25 years in the business, this is my first experience with the Lucy. Who’s interested in helping me change ours to make it the BEST! Yes, I want your input!!! Email me directly at and let’s chat!

It’s great to hear that he’s interested in making the world a better place.

A Southwestern Lucy is a delicious concept. There is lots of potential there.

John, one tip is to keep on eye on The Heavy Table for an upcoming video (Monday, I believe) on how to build a Jucy Lucy .

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