Things I Would Like to Know More About

Grover wasn’t impressed with the depth of my reporting on CityPages’ staff changes. Apparently, some news is worse than no news.

I’m not going to take Grover’s complain one step further by throwing out some topics that I know exist but haven’t researched for more than 30 seconds. I hope Grover’s blue head doesn’t explode when he sees this:

1. There is no Wikipedia entry for Double Decker Tacos.

2. Advertisers are likely being mislead by’s stats due to automatic reload of pages bumping up their pageview and time on site stats.

3. St. Paul now makes better Jucy Lucy’s than Minneapolis.

4. Cup Foods’ (not Cub Foods – Cup Foods) business model seems kind of strange.

5. Joe Soucheray pretends to be a rube on his radio show. Does he enjoy pretending to be less intelligent than he is? Is it more valuable to let people complain about things they don’t understand than help them understand what they’re complaining about? Does he cringe at the stupid stuff that comes out of his mouth while driving to the bank to deposit his paycheck?

I may or may not ever get around to writing in more depth about any of these issues. If you have some knowledge about any of these – or, as Grover requests, you like picking up the phone – write what you know so we can learn together.

5 thoughts on “Things I Would Like to Know More About”

  1. I have noticed that thing about the Star Tribune’s pages automatically reloading too! I tend to leave the comments sections on Coleman-Franken articles open in a browser tab while at work for random distraction and find it very annoying when their auto-refreshes lose my spot. It reminds me of really amateurish websites from the nineties.

  2. I want to know how vanilla came to mean the opposite of vanilla bean. Something described as vanilla connotes white, plain, ordinary, pedestrian, etc. Whereas the bean itself is plucked from a frikken’ orchid in Madagascar! It’s crazy expensive, exotic, intense. It’s really an alien in the spice drawer. It makes star anise look, well, almost vanilla.

    How’d that happen? Was there a campaign against vanilla? Was vanilla’s PR asleep at the wheel?

  3. I have long laughed at Cup foods as I pass by, but I am curious to know what their business model is. Do tell!

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