Run Minneapolis: Snelling and Dight Avenues

Seward Coop

Tonight’s run started at the Seward Coop where Carly dropped me off before picking up some groceries. (Note: If you’ve never been to the Seward Coop before, it can be quite a shock to find yourself surrounded by fresh organic foods from local sources with ingredients you can pronounce. Bring a foodie friend with you for your first experience so they can explain how it all works.)

I went West on S 9th St past Seward Towers West – home to many new immigrants to the United States, including former residents of Sudan and Somalia:

Seward Towers West

When I reached the messy corner of Franklin, Minnehaha and Cedar, I headed South on Cedar then tucked a block West to Snelling Ave (runs between Minnehaha and Hiawatha) where I saw this passive aggressive sign in a relatively low congestion area:

Don't Even Think of Parking Here

And this cool older building at 2115 Snelling:

Cool Old School Building

Then I passed the largest Oriental grocery store in the Midwest, United Noodles. It’s hidden away and definitely worth checking out. It would take a year to try their ramen selection.

United Noodle

Followed by Minneapolis’ premier seafood shop, Coastal Seafoods:

Coastal Seafoods

I crossed the Midtown Greenway, where people commute by bike year round:

Midtown Greenway

At the North end of the retail block that includes Target and Cub, I passed 1st Cup Cafe and Hiawatha Pizza. 1st Cup Cafe has awesome sambusas and Hiawatha’s pizza by the slice is great if you’re into big thin greasy slices of pizza like I am:

1st Cup Cafe & Hiawatha Pizza

South of Lake Street on Snelling Ave, I passed Big Bell Ice Cream’s headquarters:

Big Bell Ice Cream Trucks

And a gang tag across the street. It’s rare to see stuff like this to the East of Hiawatha but it does occasionally crop up in the first couple blocks:

Gang Tag

At 34th St E, I tucked a block West onto Dight Ave, which is generally lined with grain mills between Dight and Hiawahta to the West and a combination of small warehouses and single family homes to the East. Residential and commercial bump up hard against each other here. Rep. Phyllis Kahn suggested back in 2005 that Dight Ave should be renamed since the Dight it’s named after hasn’t been judged well by history. Kahn describes him as “a eugenicist and admirer of Hitler.”

Grain Mills

A redevelopment plan for the Purina Mill site near 38th St East has been in the works since at least 2005 that included the drafting of a community benefits agreement that I believe was approved a year ago. I haven’t heard any new developments lately. Anyone have some info on the status of that project?

Purina Grain Mill

There are at least two lofts for sale at the 42nd Street Lofts. I’ve toured these before. They have a pretty cool feel and the big window on the first floor is actually a glass garage door that can open up.

42nd Street Lofts

Snelling Ave S at 46th was the turnaround. That area has a relatively new apartment and will likely see quite a few more changes, being a block from the LRT, lots of convenient retail, and Minnehaha Falls.

E 46th St & Snelling Ave S

I passed Fire Station 21 on the way back, which fortunately has never had to visit the Kohler household.

Minneapolis Fire Station 21

J.W.S. Inc. Welding is better at welding than fixing windows:

JWS Inc Welding

At 34th St E, I headed East for home and passed Longfellow Park:

Longfellow Park

And the empty lot where Hovde Automotive used to be before it blew up:

Hovde Auto Repair Lot

The corner of 34th St and 42nd Ave is home to Keller Automotive, who does a brisk business in keeping Rainbow Taxi on the road:

Keller Automotive and Rainbow Taxi

Could someone please figure out a way to open at brew pub where the Pizza, Pie, and I used to be?

Pizza Pie & I Location

Riverstone Salon Spa looked warm and inviting compared to the snow I was running in:

Riverstone Salon Spa

I stopped in and said hi to the guys at 612 Authentic who were busy at work on an awesome new project.

612 Authentic

Lots of sights on this one. Here’s the map:

Run Minneapolis, Dight & Snelling

Or, in digital form:

6 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Snelling and Dight Avenues”

  1. “Rep. Phyllis Kahn suggested back in 2005 that Dight Ave should be renamed since the Dight it’s named after hasn’t been judged well by history. Kahn describes him as “a eugenicist and admirer of Hitler.””

    While we’re at it, can we rename Lake Calhoun? Given that the guy it was named after was an outspoken white supremacist and helped lay the ground work for the Civil War.

  2. I was thinking some thing more benign. Maybe Lake Tourist or Lake Don’t-eat-the-fish.

    Maybe we could get a corporate sponsorship for it. TCF Lake has kind of a nice ring to it.

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