Newspaper Association of America Misrepresents My Reporting

The Newspaper Association of America did everything they could to turn a 180 on the point my article about newspaper network Village Voice Media’s gaming of Digg in a recent new summary. Seriously, this is what they wrote.

Village Voice Media Uses Digg to Increase Traffic

The Digg Effect is alive and well. Village Voice Media is reportedly aggressively submitting content to as a means to increase traffic to VVM Web sites — and it’s working. The Deets’ Ed Kohler reported that the Digg algorithm has a lot of weaknesses in how it counts and weighs votes (as evidenced by the VVM example), and advertisers buying impression-based ads should ask where a Web site’s traffic is really coming from.

However, “A publisher performing well on Digg is not necessarily a bad thing. There are many long-term benefits to it, including raising awareness about an online property and link building (especially in the form of links that come from people blogging about stuff they found on Digg).”

Source: The Deets

It’s amazing how far the Newspaper Association of America went to downplay Village Voice Media’s gaming of traffic numbers reported to local businesses. Clearly, my article had the opposite intent of what the NAA reported (which is kind of a pathetic statement about the Newspaper Association of America). Heck, even Village Voice Media realized that the game was over and changed their policies nationwide.

It’s pathetic to see the Newspaper Association of America promoting the manipulation local advertiser’s ad impressions. Does the head of the NAA is Gary B. Pruitt, President and C.E.O. of The McClatchy agree with the NAA’s report? Does this type of behavior run all the way up to the head of McClatchy? If so, is it time to take a closer look at McClatchy’s online behavior?

PS: My promise ot not blog about anything CityPages related for a week only lasted an hour. I stumbled across this and could resist. My apologies. If you were me, could you have resisted?

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