Extremely Cold Weather Biking

David Schueller doesn’t let below zero temps ruin his fun. In fact, he’s been biking on Lake Minnetonka in this weather.

How does he dress for it? Layers:

David’s spin: Two days at 20 below

And what do I wear on my feet?

In order: neoprene socks, mountain bike shoes with Time cleats, time trial shoe covers, medium weight booties, another pair medium weight booties, thick-ply paper towels wrapped around them, freezer bags and thick neoprene booties.

See? No big deal.

via Shek

2 thoughts on “Extremely Cold Weather Biking”

  1. Jeez.

    9 layers? Really??

    I wear two layers: one pair of wool socks. one pair of some random waterproof hiking shoes from REI.

    Maybe the waterproofing also made them mostly windproof, because my feet are never cold.

    Yet, I can’t seem to get my hands to stay toasty. I wear a think pair of stretch gloves, my regular padded bike gloves, and some huge O.R. brand mitten shells.

    Any suggestions that don’t involve so many layers and/or household storage products? ( :

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