New Startup: 3rd Party Feedback

This is basically an ad for my new web start-up:

I’ve launched a few online service that’s designed to help people with websites make their sites better by cost-effectively soliciting independent feedback on what their sites do well and what they could do better.

It’s called 3rd Party Feedback.

For $25, ten people will give you their unbiased feedback on three questions:

– What is your website about?
– What is the site’s best current feature?
– What is 1 thing the site could do better?

The 30 answers are rolled up into a 2-3 page report within 24 hours. So, for less than $1 per answer, you can find out what ten sets of fresh eyes think of your site.

Example reports can be found on the 3rd Party Feedback Blog including this example review I ran for the new Visit Lake Street website.

The service is off to a good start and is already profitable through nationwide sales generated by pay per click advertising. Yes, has been tested many times using’s own tests. This has led to many refinements that have made the copy and layout more clear, thus raising the conversion rate.

In a down economy, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to provide a positive experience for visitors to your website. This low-risk virtual focus group strategy is a creative way to improve page views, leads, or sales.

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