Ed Answers Your “Why?” Questions Part VI

More questions:

1. Why is my tanning bed leaving red stripes on my back?

Answer: Dang, the same thing happened to me the one time I tried tanning. My back looked like a US flag. I guess that doesn’t really answer your questions. You’re welcome for the visual.

2. Why is the jucy in a jucy lucy spelled that way?

Answer: That’s a great questions for Matt’s Bar. Ask them them next time you visit.

3. Why is there arsenic in South Minneapolis?

Answer: An old fertilizer plant that wasn’t cleaned up by the owners. So now we’re all paying to clean up an irresponsible business.

4. Why is there high crime in Longfellow Minneapolis?

Answer: There isn’t unless you compare it to Lake Wobegon.

5. Why is toilet seat open in picture when selling house?

Answer: Because not all real estate agents graduated first in their class.

6. Why market beer in a 40 ounce container?

Answer: Easy to carry. Easy to drink. Portion control.

7. Why might people perform better at midday rather than earlier or later in the day?

Answer: No longer hung over. Not drunk yet.

8. Why people buy groceries from convenience stores?

Answer: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, “convenience.”

9. Why people didn’t vote for Norm Coleman?

Answer: 6 years or below average performance.

10. Why people die from lack of water?

Answer: Science.

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