TP: Comfort Suites Des Moines, Iowa


Brian captured this fascinating TP shot at a Comfort Suites in Des Moines, Iowa. While the balance of the fold may be the first thing you notice, a commenter on this photo at Flickr, herecomesanothersongaboutmexico, nailed the larger issue:

So this sends the message: “We’re classy AND frugal.”

Exactly. Especially considering that this is a single-roll setup. Scary.

One thought on “TP: Comfort Suites Des Moines, Iowa”

  1. ughh. I can’t stand seeing when toilet paper is folded like that. My mom used to work at the Country Suites a while ago and I would have to go in to work with her cause I wasn’t old enough to stay at home alone. They made me work. Whenever I cleaned a room, I’d always have to fold it like that. In short, It just brings bad memories. haha

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