Ed Answers Your “Why?” Questions Part V

More questions:

1. Why does pollen make you sneeze?

Answer: Science.

2. Why does tide not want students to wash their clothes?

Answer: Marketing jujitsu.

3. Why don’t US businesses answer the phone on Thursday afternoons?

Answer: Happy Hour.

4. Why free coffee refills?

Answer: Never argue with the under-caffeinated.

5. Why is ace hardware better than true value?

Answer: Cleaner with wider aisles and more friendly, knowledgeable staff, based on my experience.

6. Why is CBS liberal?

Answer: Because they report news.

7. Why is dumping sewage so bad?

Answer: Because it can make you pee out of your butt.

8. Why is ex buying me gifts?

Answer: He/she wants to have sex with you.

9. Why is homeschooling the best choice?

Answer: Because you have trust issues.

10. Why is my sleep number bed so hot?

Answer: Because you’re sleeping on a balloon.

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