Authentic Minnesota Food

Midwest Product has compiled a solid list of foods he considers Minnesotan over on Minnescraper: :: View topic – Downtown Restaurant News

Off the top of my head, the suggestions I can remember were:
-Jucy Lucys from Matt’s Barr
-Walleye from the Tavern on Grand
-Ribs etc. from Famous Dave’s, or Rudolph’s, or Market BBQ
-Sausages from Kramarczuk’s (this would be fantastic, IMO)
-Beer from Summit & Surly

This reminds me that I still need to check out Market BBQ. Who’s in?

I haven’t given this much thought, but if I added one thing to the list it would probably be wild rice soup at a Byerly’s restaurant.

3 thoughts on “Authentic Minnesota Food”

  1. Cool list, but Market BBQ is crap, IMO. Well, the meat is ok, but not impressed with the sauce at all. I’d rather hit up Scott Ja Mama’s over on Diamond Lake or Pastor Hamilton’s up on St. Paul’s East Side.

  2. By ‘Minnesotan’, do they just mean located in MN? Because frankly I don’t consider any of the above to be traditional Minnesotan dishes, I mean at least put that walleye on a shore somewhere.

    And the jucy is unique I suppose, but I’d rather head to Mayslacks for the beef over the exploding cheeseburgers and fries…and rumor has it the Nook is better than Matt’s anyways.

    But, if Minnesotan is the rule, then there better start to be some church hotdishes showing up on the list, eh? 😉

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