Time to Fire the Technically Illiterate?

Tim the IT Guy brings up an interesting point about how companies could save costs in a down economy: fire people who monopolize your internal IT departments due to technical incompetence:

[Bosses]can no longer afford to pretend that it’s okay that you don’t understand Excel, since they have to pay to have someone on site who can explain it to you. Every dollar spent paying an IT guy is a dollar not spent doing whatever it is that makes the company money. That’s why it’s time companies everywhere get out of the handholding business.

One way to do this would be to log how much IT support time each of your employees use. Compare that to their productivity. You may be able identify a few people who seem rather productive before you account for the $10,000 a year in IT time they’re consuming.

This could help you determine who needs training or who just has to go.

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