What’s Up with BSN No-Xplode Blue Raspberry?

This is currently the fastest growing product on Amazon’s Health & Personal Care category, jumping 96,707% from 50,340th to 52nd on Amazon’s H&PC rankings:

What’s going on here?

Check out an excerpt from the top customer review, which 11 out of 11 people have found helpful:

My muscles felt so tight and big, that I just wanted to lift more and more. By the time I was done, I went to the lockeroom to change and saw a monster in the mirror. I’ve had great pumps before, but this was insane! It didn’t even look like me at all; it felt great. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and I don’t train a day without it. Highly, highly recommended.

That’s a universally helpful review? It sounds more like an infomercial to me.

Perhaps this product has been getting pumped up on itself?

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