Ed Answers Your “Why?” Questions Part II

More “Why?” questions worth addressing:

1. Lent why no meat?

Answer: Back in the day, butchers failed to cough up enough cash to the Vatican when the Pope’s henchmen came a knockin’. Payback’s a bitch. Or something like that.

2. Reasons why to respect gay people.

Answer: a) Because they’re people. b) Check answer “a”.

3. Remind Us … Why did the United States Invade Iraq?

Answer: Because a small country that posed no direct threat to the United States posed a direct threat to the United States in the minds of people who had the power to invade Iraq. Or oil.

4. Why internet debate gets ugly and bloggers get threatened?

Answer: Because people forget to put on fresh boxers before logging on for the day.

5. Why “butane blending”?

Answer: Chemistry.

6. Why Am I Receiving Emails from Consumer Energy Alliance?

Answer: Because a fake grassroots organization think they can convince you to support some fat cat’s fake cause.

7. Why are conservatives uncomfortable with ambiguity?

Answer: Ever see someone wear a gray hat in a Western movie?

8. Why are countries reluctant to get involved in genocide?

Answer: Money.

9. Why are pizza slices triangles?

Answer: Um, Aaron? Help me out here.

10. Why are Russian athletes so good?

Answer: Is this a pre or post drug test results question? Either way, they train very hard.

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