The 8-Slices of Bacon BLT

Say you find yourself with 8 slices of bacon that you don’t want to see go bad. Give this a try:

8 slices of Bacon - BLT


Make sure you have some robust bread on hand. There is no way some wimpy white bread is up to the task of containing 8 hot slices of goodness.

In my opinion, that bacon is cooked to perfection. It is crisp enough to stand up on its own, yet not charred into bacon powder.

7 thoughts on “The 8-Slices of Bacon BLT”

  1. Matthew, this picture captures the moment before produce was introduced into the equation. I think a could go straight B but I like to think that some leaves help counter the bacon-punch my heart takes at times like this.

  2. There is only one word to describe that beautiful masterpiece: “Lovely”

    that is a lovely sandwich. I am going to the store right now to buy some bacon.

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