How to Make Money in Online Media

If you’re a blogger, a traditional journalist writing for an online publication, or some other form of online publisher who’d like to make money and possibly even a living off the work you enjoy doing, you need to watch this video by Gary Vaynerchuck:

The non-writing side of making money writing:

1. Find advertisers.

2. Sell Ads.

3. Make money.

“But I don’t want to sell ads.”


Outsource it to Google AdSense.

See how well that works out for you.

“I still don’t want to sell ads.”

Hire someone to sell ads for you.

“What if I don’t want to worry about monetizing my content at all?”

Go work for someone who’ll take care of everything other than writing for you. When you find that person, pass their name along to all the other un- / underemployed writers looking for work.

2 thoughts on “How to Make Money in Online Media”

  1. His words apply to any business, not just blogs, who rely on advertising to fund their day to day expenditures. It’s a great, but time consuming, way to use Google to take money away from Google. Reverse engineering at its best. Maybe some bloggers and media companies will try this approach to reign in those advertisers that they’ve lost.

  2. Are you saying my business mission statement where–
    I start a real blog and it should be so good that Google will beg me to put their ads on it
    –won’t work?

    I thought ‘content was king, are you saying the ‘build it and they will come’ website model is dead?

    You mean I might actually have to work at raising money in order to get money? Why is this confusing me?

    Sornie is right, Gary is right, you are right. People want to start their business (online or off, service or product-based) and hang out a sign or website and wait for the buzz of clients and business relations to come to them. This applies to almost every career undertaking–especially those in the artistic and service industry, especially those who are start-ups.

    Instead takes hustle, it takes marketing, it takes intelligent flexibility…whether the business is online or offline, non-profit or for-profit, the person has to identify the potential monetizing agents, make their art/service/product fit their needs, and then sell it.

    Or, be like me, and work in a cubicle. 😉

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