Underappreciated Minneapolis Cuisine: Mayslack’s Original

Election night, 2008. Obama takes Ohio. Polls start closing out West. McCain gracefully concedes. Time to celebrate. But how?

Mayslack's Original
(I had to have a few bites before snapping the picture.)

With The Original roast beef sandwich from Mayslacks:

The storied sandwich that only Stan Mayslack could make popular. A sandwich piled
so high with roast beef. Slow roasted for 8 hours in garlic & other juices so the beef
just melts in your mouth. Served with onions, banana peppers, coleslaw & some of that
awesome au jus.

Sure, you’ll eat around 1000 more calories than you probably need and wreak of garlic for a day and a half. But while eating this fine sandwich you’ll have a moment.

Try it. Go hungry.

4 thoughts on “Underappreciated Minneapolis Cuisine: Mayslack’s Original”

  1. Ed, I’m sorry, but that plate of food looks gross. It just looks like a pile of luke-warm, tasteless matter. I’m surprised at you.

  2. I had the pleasure of not only enjoying Mayslack’s Garlic Roast Beef Sandwiches back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, but I was always served by Stan Mayslack. In those days you had to wait in line at lunchtime, and sometimes the line extended outside the bar on to the sidewalk. I never minded the wait because I knew I was about to savor incomparable flavor. The actual routine was go the bar, get a beer, get in line and watch Stan serve his customers. If he saw a new face he always reminded his new customer to hold the plate with both hands, and he always asked if you wanted extra juice. The last time I saw Stan was a weekday evening in the Spring of 1983, he was tending bar early that evening and we had a couple Martinis together. I can truly say those were the good ol’ days.

  3. I had that sandwich only once while in college in 1979 and I want you to know it was amazing. Thw whole experience waiting in a line that literally wrapped around the block. To be served by Mayslack himself was almost a religous experience. He would hand you the plate and place your hands on it to make sure you know that you had something special. Yes it is thirty years later and I looked Mayslack’s up online following a lunch discussion here at my office in New York. It is still as fresh a memory now as it was that day.

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