7 thoughts on “Reason #13 I’m Not Cut Out to Live in Eden Prairie”

  1. I grew up in Eden Prairie and I’d agree our Mexican food is lacking, but we do have a Pepito’s.

  2. Amen, though even our selection in 55406 isn’t all that great. I like going to El Norteno, but it isn’t all that great. El Nuevo Rodeo is good, and I love Manny’s. No comment on Taco Bell, and The Citizen Cafe isn’t Mexican.

    At least we’re close to 55407

  3. Surprisingly here in Shakopee we have fabulous authentic Mexican food. But then we have a large Hispanic population, well at least for a small suburb we do.

    Also, Eden Prairie is the hellmouth. I thought that was common knowledge.

  4. Not to mention non-Mexican restaurants like cuban and central american restaurants. Victor’s cafe and El Meson are awesome.

  5. Thank you for the tip. If I ever move that’s EXACTLY how I’m going to track down my new house.

    That and used bookstores.


  6. I got nothing. I don’t live here for the food.

    There’s also a deplorable lack of breakfast joints. Panera and OPH are the only options.

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