Otho No-tho?

Otho No-tho?, originally uploaded by edkohler.

What happened to Otho at the Skyscape condos?

I just saw this announcement on the door.

5 thoughts on “Otho No-tho?”

  1. The moment I heard about the racist bartender, I boycotted the place. I live nearby and sometimes walk by on my way home from work — it’s always empty. There is a street level window offering views into the kitchen, and I would always see just one bored cook, working on one order for the one table occupied in the place. If that. Which is strange, because it is in a great area of downtown that is dense with condos and apartments. They also have — I mean had — an early and late happy hour.

    Maybe I’m not the only one who boycotted the place the moment I heard the racist dude wasn’t fired the second he spewed his sh*t at a customer.

  2. We never encountered the racist bartender, in fact, when we visited the bartender was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, aside from that, it just wasn’t that great.

  3. I never heard about a racist bartender. I just refused to go there because the sign was so illegible I couldn’t tell anyone where to meet me.

  4. Yeah, that sign stank! For the longest time I thought it said “Pho” and I was like oooh Vietnamese! I was wrong.

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