The Phone Book Delivery Problem: A Manual

I put together the following document in preparation for an upcoming meeting in Hawthorne but want to share it here so others can use it in their communities.

The first page outlines how the current phone book delivery practices hurt communities and shows that the industry is resisting change.

The second page presents four options for addressing this spam problem. They’re ranked by what I consider to be their potential effectiveness (but also their degree of difficulty in enforcing).

You can view the document below (click the box in the upper-right hand corner to go full-screen), download it as a PDF or view it on Google Docs.

The Phone Book Delivery Problem – Upload a Document to Scribd

Please pass thing along to community groups, city & state officials who are in a position to do something about this ongoing print spam problem.

4 thoughts on “The Phone Book Delivery Problem: A Manual”

  1. Ed, thanks for your help! The Housing Committee consensus was to have Jeff Skrenes, Housing Director, write to the phone book companies and ask them to stop hurting our neighborhood by dropping off theses books at obviously vacant houses.

    So something came of the meeting and your convenient “manual” helped a lot. I hope other neighborhoods in Minneapolis and across the nation will pick up on this, too.

  2. So what about the peoplo who work in the phone book delivery business. Everyone from the printer, to the truck driver, to the actual delivery people. You just dont care that they would be out of jobs? Dont you have anything better to do with your life then worry about phone books?

  3. Patrick, try applying your reasoning to email spam. Do you think people should have to tolerate unsolicited email from businesses because the spammers make a living that way? I don’t.

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