Norm Coleman’s Throwaway Promises

I really wish Norm Coleman had kicked butt for Minnesota over the past six years. Since seniority has some significant benefits in the senate, we’re probably better off sending our current senators back for another six years rather than replacing them . . . assuming they deserve it.

For that reason, I really wish I felt that Norm Coleman deserves another six years. Unfortunately, I don’t think Norm deserves it.

In fact, Norm’s commercials outline why he hasn’t earned my vote.

Exhibit A:

YouTube - Solutions

Norm, in his “Solutions” commercial, says that he’s going to “Crack down on tax cheats.” What’s wrong with this statement? First, it’s a throwaway statement used by every politician on every side of the aisle to explain how they’re going to pay for stuff they have no idea how they’re going to pay for. It makes for a good sound bite but never actually happens. Additionally, why the heck didn’t Norm “Crack down on tax cheats” over the past six years? What’s up with that?

The first time I remember hearing the term “Crack down on tax cheats” was during the 1988 Iowa caucus. At the time, I was 14 and thought it made sense. Now, I realize that it’s a throwaway line used by lightweight politicians who don’t have the maturity to justify their financial promises.

Exhibit B:

YouTube - Solutions

What? Since when did greed become a crime? I thought greed was a driving force for the American economy (and especially Wall Street), but now Norm Coleman wants to shut that down? What exactly does Norm Coleman expect out of people on Wall Street?

After six years in the senate, Norm Coleman is relying on meaningless, throwaway lines rather than explaining what the heck he did for Minnesota over the past 6 years. And he fails to give concrete examples of what he’ll do over the next six years. I’ve already pointed out that Coleman has flip flopped on congressional pay. Additionally, a presidential line item veto has been considered unconstitutional for 10 years now, which Norm should understand by now.

Tax cut talking points without corresponding budget reductions are just hot air.

Like I said at the start of this post, I wish I could send our incumbent senator from Minnesota back to the senate for another 6 years. But I simply cannot justify doing so based on Norm Coleman’s record over the past six years or his throwaway promises for the next six.

It’s time for a fresh start, and that means it’s time for Al Franken for Senate.

2 thoughts on “Norm Coleman’s Throwaway Promises”

  1. My favorite part of that same ad:

    – one of Norm’s priorities upon returning to office would be the presidential line-item veto.

    Because, yeah, one of the big problems over the last eight years has been that the president didn’t have enough power!

  2. “Presidential Line Item Veto”

    Do we really want to give the president more power? President Bush and VP Cheney have already pushed presidential power much further than many of us are comfortable with. Can you imagine what they would have done with line-item veto?

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