Here is a vacant house in Cleveland:

Boarded up House with Yellow Pages

And here is the view from the porch:

Yellow Pages Spam in Cleveland

It looks like every yellow pages company in Cleveland has done their part to pollute this property.

First we have a Yellow Book:

Yellow Book Cleveland Spam

And AT&T’s Real Yellow Pages:

AT&T Phone Book Spam

Plus a bonus AT&T White Pages:

AT&T Phone Book Spam

And another AT&T Yellow Pages:

AT&T Phone Book Spam

Plus two fresh copies of Cleveland247:

Cleveland247 Phone Book Spam

Dear Cleveland businesses. THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE PAYING FOR! Your ad dollars are going toward the printing, transportation, distribution, and eventual disposal costs of the above phone books. You’re also paying for the costs of copper theft and other crimes resulting from the advertising of vacant homes through phone book waste.

Please consider less damaging advertising channels.