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The Bulldog St Paul Lowertown’s Website

I’ve noticed a major uptick in traffic to The Deets from people looking for the latest information on the status of The Bulldog’s new St Paul location.

The one nugget I can throw out is the website for the St Paul location. They appear to have two reserved:


Both currently sport a coming soon message:

The Bulldog St Paul Lowertown

I’m super excited about this great addition to the Lowertown scene. If you have some nuggets you can share, drop em in the comments.

3 thoughts on “The Bulldog St Paul Lowertown’s Website”

  1. Drove by yesterday (Sunday) the TVs were on and there were people milling about, but a sign on the door said something like “We’re not open -yet. Awaiting inspections and some other stuff.” I’d say it looks like they should be open in the next day or so.

  2. Bulldog Lower Town will open on Wednesday, October 29th in the evening. Join the fun, this will be the best thing to hit this area in a long time!!

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