TP at The Joule, Dallas, Texas

Greg Swan is on the road again gathering TP field reports for The Deets. He goes to great lengths to bring us the view from inside the bathroom of some of America’s finest hotels.

Tonight’s stop is The Joule in Dallas, Texas:

TP at The Joule, Dallas, Texas

This is a swanky place. Room nights tonight start at $370 ($425.50 after taxes, so we now know that Texas keep their taxes low by sticking it to visitors).

One could blame the housekeepers for the inconsistent folds. However, it looks like the problems here started long before the first roll was folded. What is up with the mounting of those dispensers? Greg concurs, stating:

I’m no expert like you Ed, but misaligned roll placement and lack of sharp creases just reinforces the sloppiness that is the TP folding at the fabulous Joule hotel in downtown Dallas, TX.

I hear they eat a lot of steak in Texas, which may explain why their hotel bathrooms include a magazine rack:

Magazine Rack @ The Joule, Dallas, Texas

Please tell me those magazines are freshly stocked.

4 thoughts on “TP at The Joule, Dallas, Texas”

  1. Is it just me, or is the roll on top wider than the other? Regardless, sloppy mounting for those otherwise close to decent folds. I give them a B-. They were at least able to get all four corners tucked under.

  2. @supertoyz, if I recall correctly, I believe the top one was a REROLL — where you roll up unrolled paper back onto the roll, thus making it look wider than it actually is. Also a sloppy (and perhaps unsanitary) practice.

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