Norm Coleman Flip Flops on Congressional Pay Raises

Norm Coleman can’t decide whether he deserves to give himself a raise or not.

His latest campaign commercial states that he supports a freeze on congressional salaries:

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That sounds like something people would support in these economic times.

However, we were also in these economic times one month ago, when Senator Coleman stated
that he deserves a pay raise:

When a supporter suggested he should push Congress to take no pay increase or per diem increase for the next four years to show solidarity with struggling Americans, Coleman’s answer was qualified.

He said public servants, including members of Congress, deserve a reasonable pay raise, but not special treatment.

I wonder how many people in Minnesota – in these economic times – think $169,300 per year, plus a per diem, plus a generous pension is probably good enough for someone who describes himself as a “public servant?”

Additionally, why didn’t Norm balance the budget over the LAST five years? Why should we believe him THIS time?

Looks like Think Progress came to the same conclusion about Norm’s flip flopping on whether he personally deserves more taxpayer dollars.

2 thoughts on “Norm Coleman Flip Flops on Congressional Pay Raises”

  1. …and the best health care in america…FOR LIFE.

    Now, if Norm wants to REALLY share the burden that is being a citizen in america, how about if he takes a stand to remove all sitting and past living politicians from governmental health care and let them find coverage on the open market. They all believe in the free market, right? And it is a kind of entitlement program, isn’t it…and you folks don’t like entitlements I hear.

    Being a politician is a part-time job, right? And politicians only have to be in office a few minutes to quality for lifetime coverage, right? That’s not how it works for my health plan at my job, so why so generous for them. Health care has been trimmed back for almost all american workers, why not politicians. I hear there is concern now that they don’t want to be unamerican, so here could be your start Norm. And just think about all the taxpayer money you would save!!

    Come on Norm, stand with the america that your policies have allowed to evolve, share the health care you have allowed for us citizens.

    That would truly be a stand WITH americans, not this freeze-my-already-grossly-inflated-for-how-effective-a-job-I-do salary for a couple years until the attention is off me pandering.

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