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Running Against Cancer at the Chicago Marathon

In addition to running the Chicago Marathon in a personal best time of 3:26, Carly raised over $1000 for the American Cancer society.

At the pre-race expo, charity runners were able to post a tribute plaque naming who they were running for. Here is the one Carly posted in support of her mom, grandmother, and my dad.

Carly's Cancer Fundraising Tribute

And here’s Carly with less than a mile to go:

Carly at 25.5

And after the race, celebrating at the ACS tent with her mother, Corrine:

Corrine & Carly

One the way to find Carly after the race, I found myself following this finisher who was also on her way to the ACS tent:

Suck It Cancer

I agree. Suck it, cancer.

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