Cleveland247 Phone Books Hurt Cleveland

Here is a vacant house. Notice the boarded up door:

Vacant House Phone Book Spam

Now look closer:

Vacant House Phone Book Spam

Yellow pages are being left in front of a boarded up door.

And Cleveland247 decided that there weren’t enough phone books rotting on the porch of this house, so they piled onto the blight with their latest edition:

Vacant House Phone Book Spam

If you look closely at the stack of rotting books, you’ll see that one of them is a previously unopened copy of Cleveland247:

User Friendly Phone Book Spam

Cleveland247 is hurting Cleveland neighborhoods by polluting porches with unsolicited advertising.

Cleveland247 Phone Book Spam

This particular phone book spam is produced by a Texas based company company called The User-Friendly Phone Book. That company is owned by investment firm, VSS – Veronis Suhler Stevenson. The Stevenson in Veronis Suhler Stevenson is Jeffrey T. Stevenson. He profits from polluting Cleveland while sitting in his Park Avenue office in New York City.

Mr. Stevenson’s company doesn’t limit itself to spamming Cleveland with one directory. They also own Yellow Book, which can also be found rotting on Cleveland’s porches:

Yellow Book Cleveland Spam

5 thoughts on “Cleveland247 Phone Books Hurt Cleveland”

  1. I wonder if I said to a company “I’d like to sell you an ad, that will sit and rot in the rain until being hurled in the garbage” what their response would be?

    And they AREN’T easy to recycle. You have to peel that f’ing plastic off (ladies don’t break a nail,) and my last phone book had a refridgerator magnet stuck on the front.

    I don’t even know what recycle bin those go in – but that’s THREE separate elements…

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  3. here is what i have to say. There would not be abandon homes if you guys in cleveland didn’t vote for obamba no jobs and abandon houses. its up to you folks to tear down the houses .ask for help from obama.

  4. Fred, I don’t know how concerned you are with reality, but a quick glance at this post shows that it was written in October 2008, so almost 8 years into George W Bush’s time in office.

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