Weekend Highlights

Here are two of the funniest local blog posts I’ve read this weekend:

Doodledee points out that – you can’t make this up – Target ran an ad saying “eat well. pay less.” (no caps ’cause they’re trend forward or something). In this ad, they feature what kind of “eat well” products?

– Ice cream
– Chocolate Sauce
– Pizza
– Potato Chips
– Bottled Water

Thanks for the cheap diabetes, Target.

Bill from Lazy Lightning decided to NOT throw his newly arrived yellow pages at the company that delivered it (it was a Burnsville, Lakeville, Apple Valley Verizon Yellow Pages so that would be my “friends” at Idearc Media in Eagan). Instead, he took an even more radical step: He opened it!

And what did he find? Ridiculously outdated business listings. Restaurants that haven’t existed for more than a year. So it’s not even valuable for people who decide to use it. Pathetic.

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