A Smoking Marathoner?

Smoker Racer

This is one of the strangest things I saw at the Chicago Marathon. A smoking marathon runner. Considering how important lungs are for endurance (and living in general) it’s surprising to see someone sucking on a cancer stick before taking on 26.2 miles of Chicago.

Strange in a different way: Elvis.

Elvis in the Chicago Marathon

He ran an incredibly fast 3:20 marathon (26.2 miles at 7 minutes 38 seconds each) on a warm day for running, so I’m pretty darn sure Elvis didn’t have a pack of Marlboro’s up his sleeve.

2 thoughts on “A Smoking Marathoner?”

  1. Actually, I run marathons here in the cities, and one of the girls I run with smokes and can do a 3:35. She ran the Boston Marathon too. There’s another guy I run with who smokes and does about a 3:50 or so. Not to be smart ass, just saying, some people can do it.

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