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Yellow Pages Declines Will Accelerate

An analyst, Sami Kassab, covering the Yellow Pages industry presented some sober facts at a recent YP conference

The View (the Financial View, That Is)

Highlights of Kassab’s remarks (presented ticker style):

… Directory publishers have underperformed the broader media sector in both absolute and relative terms … exceptions are PagesJaunes and YPG Canada … The recent decline in print revenues is a little bit both structural and cyclical … The declines in print usage and revenues will accelerate …

Notice that he didn’t say that declines will continue. He said that they will accelerate. Ouch.

If they are serious about improving their balance sheets, one way they could save money starting today is by halting delivery of phone books to vacant properties, properties that already have a rotting phone book on their porch, or to properties that no longer want them.

This would save a ton in printing, transportation, and distribution labor costs.

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