A Verizon Phone Book Spam Gold Mine

Verizon Yellow Pages Spam

This just in from The Freets: Idearc Media just dropped off boxes and boxes of unrequested yellow pages to EVERY FLOOR of a downtown Minneapolis office tower.

That’s a lot of phone book spam.

But on the bright side, if you’ve already recycled your phone books and need a few for the Phone Book Chuck-It Challenge, here’s a great opportunity to stock up.

Verizon Yellow Pages Spam

One thought on “A Verizon Phone Book Spam Gold Mine”

  1. Aargh. I’m trying to ixnay my company’s (day job – obviously not MNBeer) Dex/Yellowbook budget thanks to some of the things I’ve read on the site, Ed. I could save my department some nice ad $$ by dropping them.

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