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The Hand – Back in the Day

Google’s release of what the web looked like 10 years ago has been fun to play around with. I Googled myself, of course, and found an article I had forgotten about from 1996 regarding the windproof jockstrap company I used to own called The Hand:

Humbug – Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal:

Give him a hand

OK, all of you who still haven’t finished your holiday gift shopping, raise your hands.

Now go buy some. Hands, that is.

The Hand, made and marketed by a small St. Paul company of the same name, can best be described as a cold-weather athletic supporter. It’s aimed mainly at cross-country skiers and others who like to exercise in raw temperatures.

Ed Kohler, the 22-year-old owner of The Hand, said he first encountered the product a couple years ago, when he was on the cross-country ski team at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. (Kohler, a cross-country champion at St. Paul’s Central High School, has since transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.)

“Every year, we’d have 40 below for a high for at least two weeks,” Kohler said of life in Alaska. “I’d tried some other products like this, but this was the best.”

Good humor.

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