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Yellow Pages is Paying Bloggers to Say Nice Things About Them

You cant make this stuff up.

Yellow Pages company, DexKnows.com, is paying people to write nice things about them on blogs.

Oh, and it gets better. YP industry consultant, Ken Clark then takes the payola and blogs about it on one of his industry blogs, where he claims the paid posts are “actual experiences.”

I think this will be my only yellow pages related post on The Deets today. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Yellow Pages is Paying Bloggers to Say Nice Things About Them”

  1. We had THREE phonebooks delivered to us in one day last week. Well, two and one to the vacant townhouse we share a front porch with.

  2. I wonder how much they’d pay me to STOP saying BAD things about them?

    I’d probably say: if you stop dumping phone books in Hawthorne, and you get all the other companies to stop, I’ll stop my criticisms. But if you guys VIOLATE THE TRUCE EVEN ONE TIME, then I will start my critiques again and you will have to negotiate a peace agreement ALL OVER AGAIN.

  3. Here’s some things I’ve discovered… in the process of going green & digital at the same time:

    The folks that deliver the books to your “door” have a specific directive… the “book” has to be delivered to your doorstep/frontdoor/entry… if not… I indeed view it as LITTER… and treat it as such: I call the phone book company and tell them that their company is intentionally littering / spamming me with unwanted advertising… and that there is a fine for littering in our state (particularly effective when the litter is distributed by a contractor… hired by the phonebook company… and they track their work). I then inform them that they need to send someone out to pick up the litter (leave the phone book where you found it)… and if they choose not to… then I’m sure that I’ll be able to file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all phonebook trash recipients who received unsolicited litter from their company.
    In the three instances (which included Verizon & Dex) where I called the companies… they all eventually sent someone to pick up the litter… but you have to be firm and persistent.
    Hopefully yellowpages will be an opt-in choice instead of an opt-out chore.
    I guess that they still don’t understand that yellow is NOT Green.

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