Kayaking the Mississippi River Gorge

Ed, the Stone Arch Bridge, and the falls
Photo by Brian Shekleton

That’s me in a kayak in the middle of the Mississippi River just downstream of the Upper St Anthony Falls and the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. A group of locals did a trip down the river from Boom Island Park to Hidden Falls on Sunday. Good times.

A few minutes before that, I was eating a chocolate chip cookie while riding the Upper St Anthony Lock down 50ft (largest drop on the entire river):

Ed Liveblogging Eating a Cookie In a Lock
Photo by Aaron Landry

Here is what it looks like when they start letting out the water. Aaron Landry is holding our group to the wall.

And before that, we had to wait before entering the lock. I held onto the side of the lock with my pinky finger, which was around a 5.8 for difficulty, I think:

Mississippi River Gorge Kayak Tour

Jumping ahead: This is what it looks like once the water starts draining out of a lock to lower you down (notice the new 35W bridge high above us):

Ed in the Lower St Anthony lock

Lock & Dam #1 near the Ford Bridge has a lot of graffiti in it like this:

Mississippi River Gorge Kayak Tour

People create this by running their fingers through the thick oil and dirt build-up on the walls of the lock. Yes, that’s really gross.

Thanks to Brian for organizing this awesome in-town outing:

Mississippi River Gorge Kayak Tour

Aaron has written up his perspective on the tour here.

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