Increasing Google AdSense Revenue per Visitor

I like playing around with the stats of online ad programs to figure out how to maximize revenues. And why not? It’s a fun game with a financial reward.

For example, here’s a look at the growth in month by month traffic on The Deets over the past year alongside the growth in relative revenue from Google AdSense over the same time period. Notice that the red line is climbing at a faster rate than the blue line.

Visitors vs AdSense Earnings on The Deets

That means that I’m making more money per visitor than I was a year ago. Traffic is also increasing, so yes, I am making more money overall as well.

I think the biggest reason for the change has been avoiding serving AdSense ads to people who would rarely click on them, such as regular visitors or people visiting what Google would consider offensive content.

I control this using a WordPress plugin that was originally called Shylock AdSense but is now called, fittingly, WhyDoWork. If you’d like to increase your AdSense earnings, consider giving that plugin a try.

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  1. Thanks Ed. This is going to end up much closer to what I was using for Drupal. The Adsense plugin I’m using now sucks for customizing which pages ads show up on so I’m going to have to looking more deeply into this one.

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