NY Times PR Pimps Low-Alcohol Beers

Few things make me blow beer out of my nose faster than a canned trend piece from the NY Times. I’m going to have to use a mop on my keyboard after publishing this.

It looks like the low-alcohol beer industry has a decent PR firm. They managed to get the NY Times to pen 1500 words on this non-starter.

Here’s how you can tell that something in the NY Times is a PR generated BS article that insults the fish wrap it’s printed on: it include the phrase “small but growing number”:

While many craft brewers are trying to quench the nation’s growing thirst for extreme beers pumped with alcohol, Mr. Taylor is one of a small but growing number of brewers, beer experts and importers who are applying the brakes and turning toward well-made low-alcohol beers

Good for you, Mr. Taylor. I hope you find a market for you non-light light beer. But your product is not part of a “small but growing number” just because a PR firm convinces someone in the business section at the NY Times to write about it.

If you think I’m kidding about the use of the term “small but growing number” I’m not. The NY Times has 36,000 uses of the term indexed in Google.

In case you didn’t know, a “small but growing number” of business travelers are choosing to stay in B&B’s according to the PR person who sold that story to the Times.

site:nytimes.com small but growing number

Betsy Andrews got paid to regurgitate the low-alcohol beer story and Joe Sharky covered the B&B for Businesses “trend” back in 1999 that’s really swept the nation over the past 9 years. Not. (An expression that also hasn’t swept the nation over the past 9 years.)

5 thoughts on “NY Times PR Pimps Low-Alcohol Beers”

  1. As a recovering Alcoholic, now for over 16 mos., prior to which, I would certainly agree with you on this one. However, THINGS HAVE CHANGED my friend. All alcohol contains sufficient drug powers to destroy anyones health, as it sees fit!!!
    So perhaps low alcohol beer would help many, NOT pull this fast one on themselves !!
    YA THINK ??

  2. Perhaps you should take it up with the writer, Betsy Andrews. She probably doesn’t remember much about it, since the story is slugged Published: August 26, 2008. Don’t worry, Ed, fledgling the craft beer industry is not threatened by this trend (which has probably already come and gone) and will continue to produce it’s disproportionate amount of bores and brewer-hipster-geeks until it eventually hits Critical Mass here in Portland-light.

  3. @Rat, you just commented on a blog post from 2008. I read what I wrote then and concluded that this was a piece about BS PR driven media.

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